I took coaching for the IELTS academic module that I took on the 5th of October from Incept. I enrolled for classes almost three weeks before the test and we had classes thrice each week. During the classes, they followed a very systematic approach to ensure I had covered each section (reading, writing, listening and speaking) thoroughly and that I had no doubts at the end of it. I had particular difficulties in the reading section as I tended to miss out on the intricacies in the passage and sometimes even over-thought them, but this is where they stepped in and helped me accurately analyse the passage. They played a huge role in my achieving a full 9/9 in the reading section. When it came to the other sections, especially the listening module, they made sure I had enough practice and was confident enough to affirm my answers. In short, my classes with Incept proved to be really fruitful and enabled me to get an 8.5/9 (L-9 R-9 W-7.5 S-8) on the IELTS exam. I am indebted to them for helping me achieve this dream score.

--Rachael Martina - IELTS

Incept was very helpful to me. It was fun learning with them. Their guidance helped me get a good score on the IELTS. Moreover, they also helped me with my SOP and LOR by editing them and played a key role in my admission into the Sports Management program at Deakin University, Melbourne. Overall, I would like to say Incept is one of the best coaching experiences I have had.

--Samyukth Balaji – IELTS & Admissions Counselling (Sports Management, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia)

Know what the exam tests -> deduce how to maximize score -> attack different sections -> put it all together -> score high. Incept, is such an institute that takes you through all the above mentioned steps.

--Louis Bharnabas – GMAT & IELTS

Incept taught me all the concepts of Math and Verbal for the GMAT test and ensured that I internalized everything by constantly evaluating my progress. They have some of the best teachers I have come across.

--Shreya Oommen – GMAT

Well, for starters, the personalized coaching from Incept did it all for me. I was pleased with my trainer's ability to personally relate with the student and his availability to the student even while not being in class. They are not just tutors by the books, it's all round coaching which is exactly what one needs to crack a nerve wrecking exam like the GMAT. A 5 star for their dedication towards their work.

--Haider Madraswala – GMAT (Masters in Business Analytics, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia)

Incept helped me develop a good approach to taking the test and provided me with enough knowledge and practice to perform well. The trainers were helpful and cooperative during the entire session and provided assistance beyond the scope of the program by guiding me in preparing my Statements of Purpose for various universities.

--Parikshit Bhargava – IELTS & Admissions Counselling (University of Southampton, England)

Awesome teachers who systematically explained the concepts in an understandable way. They keep the sessions light, sharing even a joke or two. Will definitely recommend them for GRE coaching and advice on admissions. I received the right guidance due to which I got admitted into various top B-Schools across the world.

--Shyamhari J. P. – Admissions Counselling, GRE & IELTS (M.Sc. in Marketing, Grenoble Ecole de Management, Paris, France)

I received expert guidance from Incept as far as GMAT concepts were concerned and my trainer gave detailed clarifications where I was facing difficulties. With his help, I was able to ace the exam and get my dream score.

--Isha Sagar

Incept trained me for the GMAT and the IELTS and helped me achieve a competitive score because of which I got admission into Grenoble’s renowned MiB Program, Batch of 2018 in France.

--Vikash Sarwin – GMAT & IELTS (Master in Management, Grenoble Ecole de Management, Paris, France)

They have very talented teachers who taught me all the shortcuts which helped me score well in my GRE exam. Though I was a slow learner, they helped me all through my problems from the beginning and used to be available online whenever I got struck somewhere while preparing for my exam. I constantly improved my score in every mock test that I took once in a week. The spent some extra time with me when I had problems, specifically in all those areas in which I was weak.

--Tharun Aaditiyan – GRE (Master in Industrial Engineering, Western Michigan University, USA)

My classes with Incept were personally the best. They allot time to students individually and give you the best of all the knowledge they possess. If anyone asks me, I would suggest Incept with eyes closed.

--Vishnu Nandan – GRE (Graduate Diploma in Business, Eastern Institute of Technology, Hawke's Bay, Auckland, New Zealand)

My experience with Incept has been phenomenal. They are extremely knowledgeable in the sphere of their work. Perhaps, one of the rarest teachers who possess the genuine passion for teaching. They followed a conceptual approach and taught with laser clarity. My trainer was extraordinarily intelligent. The individual attention I got from him and the customised plan drafted for me helped me analyse my strengths and weakness and to put more efforts in the areas where I was weak. The classes were highly informative and I was made to solve many questions with easy tricks and shortcuts due to which I was able to finish my exam on time. He was always available to clear my doubts. I had a wonderful experience and would recommend all of you reading this to join Incept to clear your exams with flying colours.

--Aditya S - GMAT (Score: 730)

Even with just 15 days left before the GRE exam, Incept helped me overcome my fears of the Verbal Section and guided me to optimize my preparation for the GRE exam. Their hand-on approach and analysis of problems helped me identify problem solving techniques and use them aptly for the GRE Exam. Their approach towards Verbal Section is unlike other classes and the 10 days of coaching with him have made me confident to approach the GRE Verbal Section without any fear.

--Kanishk Annamneni - GRE & IELTS (Masters of Engineering, University of Cincinnati)

It was a wonderful experience, undergoing the training process with Incept, as I was made aware of the basic mistakes I have been making my entire life. The tools and methods used by them have not only brought an improvement in my expected IELTS score & language skills, but, will surely help me in my studies abroad and work life. I would highly recommend Incept for anyone planning to pursue education abroad.

--Jadhav Pradeep Singh - IELTS (Masters in Food and Beverage Management, College de Paris)

The guidance provided by Incept was definitely superior and the teaching skills of the trainers were exemplary. They focus on the key points and ensure noticeable improvement in the candidate's performance. Their one-on-one attention towards the candidate aides in early identification of the areas which need improvement and help the candidate overcome the same. On the whole, it was quite an enriching experience for me and Incept definitely played a key role in obtaining my needed score.

--Vishnu Pramod Vakkalanka - IELTS (Score: 7.5)

Taking IELTS coaching from Incept was a very good decision. They gave me important tips on dealing with individual sections of the exam and that helped me a lot, especially, the reading and writing sections. They helped identify my problem areas and sections I was lagging in and helped me overcome those issues. Also, the approach to teaching is such that the tips provided by them helped me improve my reading technique considerably and will hold me in good stead for my higher studies. I would recommend Incept to anyone preparing for IELTS or other such language exams.

--Chamikar Vangapally - IELTS (Score: 7.5)

Coaching by Incept was extremely helpful for the GRE & TOEFL exams. They concentrated upon each of the individual sections of the exam. Also, their immense focus upon improving reading skills and the connect between reading skills and the aptitude and language exams, helped me not only for the exam but also improving my overall reading skills. I would highly recommend Incept for any exams.

--Archana J - GRE & TOEFL

To be upfront, it is thanks to Incept that my English proficiency has improved to the level it is at today and I find it as a feather in my cap. The trainers are Incept lend a helping hand to instil confidence in the weakest of students. I feel immensely happy to have undergone training with Incept. I found the practice sessions were very useful to score well in the GMAT as well as the IELTS exams. The teaching methodologies are simply superb. More importantly, the way they transfer them to the students makes any student feel very comfortable in the classroom and can learn all of them with great ease and vitality.

--Linesh Reddy - GMAT & IELTS

Being a house-wife, I was extremely scared of the writing test and especially, the speaking section of the IELTS. Incept not only helped me overcome my fear of speaking, but also facilitated learning in such a practical and convenient way that I could manage the speaking section in the IELTS exam very easily. Also, the methodology adopted for the reading section ensured that I scored in the upper ranges in the exam. I would definitely endorse anyone for taking coaching from Incept.

--Shalini S - IELTS (MSc. International Management, Teesside University, UK)