Psychometric Testing

  •   A Psychometric test is a scientific method used to evaluate a student’s personality type and mental capabilities.
  •   This test is designed to recommend suitable career paths to students based on their cognitive abilities and interests.
  •   We understand that high school is a key decision point in the life of students and strive to be there to guide them through this critical phase of their life by conducting       psychometric tests which evaluate their interests and abilities in a scientific manner and provide them with career counseling to ensure that they have a clear career       path ahead.
  •   Our psychometric test has been developed with state-of-the-art technology and instantly generates a comprehensive report about skills and interests of the students.
  •   Based on this report, we provide counseling to the students and educate them about the various opportunities available to them and the fields in which they are likely       to excel.

I. Benefits of Psychometric Testing:

  •   Due to lack of information and proper guidance, students generally tend to choose the wrong career path or misjudge their chosen career path. Moreover, this may lead to       inappropriate career projections and expectations about the future which creates unnecessary family and peer pressure for the students.
  •   At Incept, we understand that each child is different with his unique set of skills and interests and we value these attributes highly while counseling a child about his career       choices to ensure that he has an outstanding career and becomes a beacon of pride for the school as well as the society at large. We counsel students to enable them to       make well-informed career decisions.

II. Aspects Evaluated in the Test:

  •   Personality Traits
  •   Career Values
  •   Career Interest
  •   Career Skills
  •   Numerical, Logical & Verbal Ability

III. Take-Aways

  • Top five career clusters
  • Respective career paths
  • Recommended career path
  • Education road map
  • Career path analysis
  • Contingency plans