Language Proficiency

English has become the default lingua franca in today’s international business world and a strong command over the language would open new doors for anyone who is a proficient user.
To ensure that our clients gain fluency in all the aspects of English, viz. listening, reading, writing and speaking, we at Incept strive to provide professional training using our professional methodology.


  •   Ensuring that candidates are able to understand the text they are reading and that they are able to read the text in a timely manner.
  •   Explaining how to find relevant information from a given passage and enabling candidates to get a quick understanding of what the         passage is about.


  •   Familiarizing the candidates with the correct usage of grammar and eliminating spelling errors.
  •   Teaching candidates how to format essays, formal/informal letters and other types of written communication and write in a         coherent and cohesive way.
  •   Training the candidates to gain the ability to communicate their points in a concise and clear manner, thus making it easy for the         recipient to decipher the information and revert.


  •   Developing an understanding of all the major global accents, e.g. American, British and Australian accents.
  •   Giving access to audios of varying difficulty levels, starting with easy audios and gradually increasing the complexity to ensure that         candidates are able to comprehend multi-layered conversations as well.


  •   Assisting candidates in becoming fluent speakers of English using high-level vocabulary with correct pronunciation and grammar.
  •   Expounding on the correct tonality while speaking and the use of effective voice modulation.
  •   Making them comfortable with extended two-way dialogue where they are able to understand the other person’s points and         revert with valid responses.