Test of English as a Foreign Language

  •   TOEFL, unlike IELTS, is a computer-based examination of English proficiency which tests the candidates. on       their ability to listen, read, write and speak in English.
  •   Widely accepted in the United States of America and is taken by students who are looking to pursue higher       studies in USA. It is also taken by applicants for immigration.
  •   Incept takes thorough assessment of each candidate's English aptitude, before commencement of training,       to understand the problem areas and provides Input to rectify the same to enable the aspirant to take the       exam without fear and/or prejudices.
  •   Incept’s faculty members meticulously train students on all the skills that are tested on the TOEFL and strive       to ensure that the students get the desired result.

Exam Pattern:

S No. Section Questions Time
1 Listening 34 - 51 60 - 90
2 Reading 36 - 56 60 - 80
3 Writing:
a. Essay 1
b. Essay 2
2 50
4 Speaking 6 20