American College Testing

  •   ACT is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States.
  •   Required by colleges across the USA to be taken for application for admission to their undergraduate       courses.
  •   Tests students across 4 sections - English, Reading, Math and Science.
  •   Incept adopts a logical approach to academics and focus on explaining mathematical and verbal reasoning       skills to students at a conceptual level, which ensures that they are fundamentally strong with this skill set.

Exam Pattern:

S No. Sections Questions Time
1 English 75 45
2 Maths 60 60
3 Reading 40 35
4 Science 40 35
5 Essay (Optional) 1 40

Syllabus for the examination:

Quantitative Aptitude ( Problem Solving & Data Sufficiency )

a. Arithmetic:

  • i. Percents
  • ii. Fractions
  • iii. Decimals
  • iv. Number Properties
  • v. Remainder Theorem

b. Algebra:

  • i. Order of Operations (PEMDAS)
  • ii. Exponents & Roots
  • iii. Linear Equations
  • iv. Quadratic Equations
  • v. Absolute Values
  • vi. Inequalities
  • vii. Functions, Formulas & Series

c. Geometry:

  • i. Two-dimensional figures
  • ii. Three-dimensional figures
  • iii. Co-ordinate geometry

d. Word Problems:

  • i. Algebraic Expressions
  • ii. Speed, Distance & Time
  • iii. Rates & Work
  • iv. Statistics
  • v. Combinatorics
  • vi. Probability
  • vii. Overlapping Sets
  • viii. Optimization, Maximization & Minimization Problems



a. Punctuation

b. Grammar and     Usage

c. Sentence Structure

d. Strategy

e. Organisation

f. Style

ACT Reading Test

The reading test is a 35-minute, 40-question test that aims to measure the aspirants reading comprehension skills.

The test is comprised for 4 sections, of which, three contain one long prose passage and the fourth comprised of two shorter length passages.

There are four basic genres that passages fall within – Fiction, Humanities, Social and Natural Sciences.

ACT Science Test

The science test is a 35-minute, 40 question test that aims to test the aspirants analytical skills such as Interpretation, Analysis, Reasoning, Evaluation and problem-solving skills in the natural sciences, and is not a test of knowledge in the field of science. Students are tested across several sets of science related passages.

Data is presented across different formats such as graphs, charts, tables and other forms while other questions will be on science experimental passages.

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